The meeting was attended by Director of the General Department of Political Affairs (GDP) General Luong Cuong, Chief of the General Staff of the Vietnam People’s Army and Deputy Defense Minister Senior Lieutenant General Nguyen Tan Cuong, among others.

Reportedly, since the beginning of 2023, the whole military has strictly maintained combat readiness; well managed sky, sea, border and cyberspace; ensured communications for all tasks, promptly deal with unexpected issues, firmly protected the national sovereignty and ensured security and order nationwide.

General Phan Van Giang chairs the event.

The Central Military Commission and the Ministry of National Defense have directed the provincial and municipal authorities to review the 10-year implementation of the resolution of the eighth session of the 11th Party Central Committee on Fatherland protection strategy in the new situation, reported to the Prime Minister on the Government’s action plan for Resolution No.22-NQ/TW issued on August 30, 2022 by the Poliburo about the civil defense strategy towards 2030 and the following years. In addition, the two agencies have ordered affiliated units and agencies to enhance border management, prevent illegal immigration along border area, inspect combat readiness and preparations of the lunar new year (Tet) festival for troops.

The Ministry of National Defense has issued synchronous plans to implement directives of the Central Military Commission for the Tet festival, while directing localities and units to well undertake discharge ceremonies for on-service soldiers and prepare for the 2023 enlistment drive.

The all-level leaderships have maintained regulatory building, military discipline observance, enhanced political and ideological education, and embraced higher levels’ directives on combat readiness and organization of the Tet festival.

Speaking at the meeting, General Phan Van Giang highly valued achievements of the whole-military in the first half of January 2023 and pointed out several shortcomings that needs addressing in the time to come. He urged the Central Military Commission and the Ministry of National Defense to focus on leading the whole military to maintain combat readiness, manage the sky, sea, and border areas; forecast all situations; firmly safeguard the national sovereignty and secure social order across the country.

An overview of the meeting

He asked the ministry to direct functional agencies and relevant units to hand over and receive new enlistees in the 2023 enlistment drive with absolute safety, and launch referesher courses for commanding officers to prepare for the new-year training.

The defense minister required the all-level leaderships to attach importance to protecting internal politics, ensuring security and safety for all missions, enhancing production and actively preventing pandemic, contributing to improving physical and spiritual life for troops.

Translated by Trung Thanh