Senior Lieutenant General Tran Don speaking at the event

According to reports delivered at the working meeting, last year the MR well conducted planning and investment in line with Party Committee’s guidelines and regulations. Construction projects were completed, appraised and put into operation on time, contributing to improving accommodation and working places of its agencies and units and developing local socio-economy.

Praising MR4’s achievements over the past time, General Don asked the MR to focus on building whole people’s defense in combination with a firm whole people's security posture. He added that the Standing Board of the MR’s Party Committee should increase exchange with the standing boards of the Party Committees of provinces in the region, especially localities in border and strategic areas.

The Deputy Defense Minister requested MR4 to build the region’s armed forces with high combat readiness and successfully fulfill all assigned missions. He also urged the MP4 Command to invest in building near-shore islands in harmony with the region’s strategic defense system, focus on strengthening solidarity among in units and organizations, and intensify its management of basic construction projects. 

General Don also asked the MR to increase its assistance to Laos, considering it one of its important political missions, be vigilant against schemes and activities of hostile forces undermining solidarity between the two countries and promote its role in developing twinning models between provinces along the shared borderline, contributing to building a borderline of peace, friendship and development between Vietnam and Laos.

Translated by Tran Hoai