Senior Lieutenant General Nguyen Chi Vinh speaking at the conference

Reports at the conference highlighted the complex situational developments in the region and world in 2017, which had strong impacts on Vietnam’s defense external affairs. In that situation, the defense external affairs sector under the leadership of the Central Military Commission and Ministry of National Defense took comprehensive and synchronic approaches in all aspects of the work and excellently accomplished the set plans.

The Party, State and Government have hailed the defense external relations work as a bright spot in the defense-military affairs over the past years. It has now become an important and effective channel of the country’s foreign affairs, and contributed significantly to firmly protecting national independence, sovereignty, territory and interests; raising the status and position of the country and military in the international arena; and strengthening friendship and cooperation between Vietnam and other countries.

Addressing the event, Gen. Vinh hailed the defense external affairs sector for their good advice and recommendations on national defense and security to the Party, State, Government and Ministry of National Defense.

He also highly appreciated the excellent outcomes and the proactive, innovative and efficient approaches to border external affairs, contributing to building a land borderline of peace, friendship, stability and development. Meanwhile, defense external relations in overcoming the aftermaths of the wars in Vietnam were also expanded in an active and effective manner, making a large contribution to national socio-economic development.

Delegates at the event focused on discussing measures to surmount the weaknesses and limitations to better implement the defense external affairs in 2018. Some considered that dissemination and information about defense external affairs should be promoted across the military, particularly in military zones, military services and army corps.

Regarding the defense external affairs plan for 2018, Gen. Vinh asked the whole defense external affairs sector to raise the quality of advice and recommendations from a lower level to higher levels; identify and prioritize appropriate resources for central tasks; enhance information and dissemination of defense external affairs at home and overseas; step up the implementation of the approved projects.

He underscored the importance of bilateral defense relations and cooperation while requesting defense agencies and military units to focus on promoting border foreign affairs; expanding foreign cooperation in overcoming the aftermaths of wars in Vietnam, conducting joint patrols, search and rescue missions; and increasing exchanges of defense delegations.

Translated by Thu Nguyen