Sr. Lt. Gen. Nguyen Tan Cuong addresses the conference.

Gen. Cuong made the statement while chairing a conference to review the building, training, operation, and guarantee activities for standing militia squadrons, held on September 22.

Reportedly, over the past time, agencies, units, localities have actively coordinated to carry out the project on building standing militia squadron to safeguard national sovereignty over sea and islands in the new situation. Such squadrons have undergone training with flying color results. Through training, they have gradually mastered provided weapons and equipment, effectively used fishing gear. Notably, training contents have been close to reality of each locality, particular in implementing civil defensive and search and rescue tasks.


Gen. Cuong and other delegates visit the area showcasing sea products caught by Kien Giang province's standing militia squadron.

Addressing the event, Gen. Cuong emphasized that though the standing militia squadrons have newly been established and tasked with new duties, they have initially achieved good results. Their organization of ships to go out to sea for fishing, performance of patrols, combat readiness duties, search and rescue operations, and exercises, as well as fight against illegal, unreported and unregulated (IUU) fishing, among others have helped build all-people’s defense posture at sea. They have served as a fulcrum for fishermen fishing offshore, contributed to upholding traditional fishing grounds, and joined hands with other forces to defend the national sovereignty over sea and islands.

Gen. Cuong hands over Minister of National Defense's merit certificates to outstanding collectives.

The chief of the General Staff laid stress on the project’s outcomes. He asked agencies, units, and localities to draw lessons, fix shortcomings, and develop solutions to improve the quality of management, command, organization of the force and training for it to ensure its further development and effective operation.

At the conference, 17 collectives with outstanding achievements in building, and training squadrons in the 2019-2023 period were honored with the merit certificates of the Minister of National Defense.

Translated by Mai Huong