Present at the meeting in Hanoi were Member of the Politburo, Head of the Party Central Committee’s (PCC) Mass Mobilization Commission Truong Thi Mai, PCC Member, Chief of the General Staff of the Vietnam People’s Army and Deputy Defense Minister Senior Lieutenant General Phan Van Giang, as well as other leaders of the MND, representatives of Central agencies, leaders of the General Department of Politics and role models in the two movements. The event was also attended online by leaders of defense agencies and military units. 

Delivered by Deputy Director of the General Department of Politics (GDP) Senior Lieutenant General Tran Quan Phuong, the conference listened to a general report on the results of the two movements over the past five years

At the event

The report read, since 2016, the CMC, MND and GDP have led and directed the two movements; as a result, the two movements have been carried out in a comprehensive, synchronic and in-depth manner across the military, and achieved great practical outcomes.

Following directions of the CMC and MND, defense agencies and military units launched the “Good mass mobilization” movement, and collaborated closely with local Party committees and governments to carry out various practical effective activities in support of people in need, contributing to promoting socio-economic development and consolidating the all-people defense posture in localities.

Mass mobilization activities of defense agencies and military units specially targeted people living in strategic areas, border and mountainous areas, disadvantaged people and victims of natural calamities with the aim of winning people’s hearts and minds and mobilizing people to participate in consolidating defense and ensuring security in their localities.

The Deputy Director of the GDP concluded that the military has mobilized considerable human and material resources for mass mobilization activities over the past years, and contributed largely to eliminating hunger and reducing poverty in localities across the country, strengthening the local-level political system, consolidating people’s trust in the Party’s leadership while tightening the ties between the military and people.

Head of the Party Central Committee’s (PCC) Mass Mobilization Commission Truong Thi Mai speaking at the event

Speaking at the conference, Ms. Truong Thi Mai hailed the achievements obtained over the past years by the military in the two movements as well as in other related movements, including “The army join hands to build new-style countryside model,” “The army support the poor, leaving no-one behind,” “Coast guards back fishermen,” “The Navy facilitates fishing in open sea,” “Military units assist school students,” “Military units support women in border areas,” and “Building homes for the poor in border areas and islands.”

She highly appreciated the role models of mass mobilization, saying that many military units as well as officers and soldiers braved difficulties and hardships to go to the most remote places to assist local people in raising crops and living a more civilized and healthier life, and disseminate policies of the Party and State. In doing so, they helped the disadvantaged people improve their living conditions as well as beautify the image of “Uncle Ho’s Soldier” in people’s hearts.

Regarding orientations for the two mass mobilization movements in the coming time, Ms. Truong Thi Mai requested the CMC and MND to direct defense agencies and military units to comprehensively renew and renovate the contents and forms of mass mobilization in line with the Party’s policies and Ho Chi Minh’s thought on mass mobilization. She stressed that the military should consider mass mobilization as one of its most important missions during peacetime along with its main missions of protecting and building the Fatherland.

General Ngo Xuan Lich concluding the conference

Concluding the conference, General Ngo Xuan Lich recognized and praised the achievements in the two movements attained by defense agencies and military units over the past five years. He affirmed that the military will continue mass mobilization movements in a more practical and effective manner, helping people understand more about policies of the Party and State and contributing to raising living standards of people, especially those living in remote border areas and islands, strengthening the close-knit ties between the people and military, cementing the great national unity bloc, promoting national development, and firmly protecting the Fatherland.

The Defense Minister also asked leaders of defense agencies and military units to grasp directions of the PCC, CMC and MND on mass mobilization, enhance their leadership over the “Good mass mobilization” movement and “Building a military unit good at mass mobilization” movement, and promote the two movements in both width and depth.

At the conference, hundreds of military units and thousands of military officers and soldiers were honored for their outstanding achievements in the two mass mobilization movements over the past five years.

Translated by Thu Nguyen