At the event on July 20 in Hanoi, Senior Colonel Ngo Van Dinh, the contingent head, said that at the games, the Vietnamese chemical troops will compete in the “Safe Environment” competition. All coaches, competitors and logistical forces, with a high sense of responsibility and through hard training, are now ready for the games. 

Major General Hoang Xuan Dung speaks at the event

Dinh added that the chemical troops have met all requirements and targets of the training. All competitors can complete the individual race with 12 obstacles. They are also good at driving Nuclear, Biological, Chemical (NBC) reconnaissance vehicles through 12 obstacles, searching for radioactive sources on equipment and detecting toxic substances, and more.

In his speech, General Dung highly praised the contingent members for their great efforts and emphasized that participating in the 2021 Army Games is important and a good chance for the Chemical Corps in particular and the Vietnamese military in general to learn from their peers and boost mutual understanding between militaries, thus enhancing good relationships, solidarity, and friendship between Vietnam and other nations.

The Vietnamese chemical team during the event

He asked the troops and relevant forces to promote solidarity, overcome difficulties during their stay in the host country, strictly observe military discipline and the host’s customs, keep good relations with international peers, and ensure absolute safety.

While urging the troops to maintain good health and make good preparations for the competition, General Dung also asked them to fulfill their roles as goodwill ambassadors of the Vietnam People’s Army and stressed that the Chemical Corps, military, and people are waiting for their good results.

The Vietnamese chemical contingent will depart for Russia on July 23 and then fly to Xinjiang, China on July 27.

Translated by Mai Huong