An art performance at the event

The event was attended by representatives from the Department of Political Affairs and the Department of Electronic Warfare of the General Staff, delegates from the Political Academy, and the Infantry Officer Candidate School No.1. Also present were the leaders of Brigade 144, as well as representatives from local Party committees, authorities, and schools in the vicinity of the brigade's location.

The "Glory to be a soldier" program was meticulously prepared and showcased a diverse range of performances, including solo and duet singing, group singing, and modern dance. The performances  expressed gratitude to the glorious Party, the revered Uncle Ho, the love for the homeland, the military's traditions, and the unit's own customs.

An overview of the program

Senior Colonel Dinh Trung Kien, the brigade's Political Commissar, shared that during the three-month course, the brigade organized various exceptional artistic programs for the new recruits. They also facilitated exchanges with renowned poets and writers and arranged visits to historical sites. These activities were aimed at motivating and instilling additional spiritual energy in the recruits during their training. At the end of the three-month period, all the new recruits of Brigade 144 successfully completed the training program according to plan. In terms of training outcomes, 100 percent of the recruits met the prescribed requirements, with over 80 percent of them achieving a good or excellent rating and absolute safety.

Translated by Trung Thanh