Troops prepare to perform AK shooting content.

The “three-explosions” test included three contents, namely AK rifle shooting lesson 1, grenade throwing, and explosive charging.

During the test, the brigade’s recruits confidently showed their basic techniques and tactics and skillfully performed steps in shooting AK rifle, throwing grenade, and placing explosives.

As the result, the unit’s troops successfully completed contents while ensuring absolute safety. Participants strictly observed discipline and regulations.

Senior Colonel Ngo Dinh Sy, Commanding Officer of Air Defense Brigade 77, evaluated that the result truly reflected the unit's training quality. Over the past three months, the brigade has determined that AK rifle shooting lesson 1, grenade throwing, and explosive charging are key contents in its recruit training program in 2023. Together with training to enhance troops’ military skills, the unit has paid attention to education to raise their will and determination.

Officers checking shooting results

Before the test, apart from making thorough preparations of training ground, weapons, and equipment, the unit encouraged recruits to help them be confident in carrying out contents. During the event, the unit fostered close observation of troops’ performances and gave timely encouragement to help them well fulfill the tasks.

Translated by Tran Hoai