Despite scorching heat in June, commands to eliminate targets were continuously issued by officers commanding at various levels at Company 2, Battalion 1, Air Defense Brigade 214.

Directing the training, Senior Captain Nguyen Van Linh, Officer Commanding of Company 2, stated, "Combat situations can occur at any time, so our training schedule is not fixed. Training under harsh weather conditions like extreme heat, drizzle, and cold winds strengthens the artillerymen's resolve and skills."

Artillerymen from Company 1, Battalion 1, Air Defense Brigade 214 (Military Region 3) practice combat readiness plans.

Even with sweat soaking their backs, the young artillerymen’s faces were lit with smiles. Sergeant Vu Minh Tien, leader of Battery 3, Platoon 1, Company 2, shared, "to shift the artillery gun to the combat mode swiftly, each member must be proficient in their tasks and individual maneuvers while closely coordinating with each other. Thus, we frequently assist one another during training."

To improve training quality, Air Defense Brigade 214 annually prepares training facilities and refines its staff. The unit adheres strictly to principles and training regulations, intensifying night and intensive training sessions under adverse weather conditions.

Alongside training enhancement, the brigade regularly educates its officers and soldiers about directives and orders from the Ministry of National Defense and the Military Region 3 Command regarding combat readiness. Its subordinate units maintain strict duties, coordinating with other air defense units in the area to stay informed and ready to respond to any situation.

Senior Colonel Truong Van Thanh, Commanding Officer of Brigade 214, noted that the brigade regularly organizes exercises, particularly real-force exercises in coordination with other units in Military Region 3’s armed forces. The brigade’s leadership also conducts sudden inspections to evaluate the readiness of affiliated units, ensuring that the brigade is always prepared to defend its assigned airspace.

Translated by Trung Thanh