Lieutenant General Lam Quang Dai speaking at the event

Major General Pham Van Tinh, Deputy Chief of the Air Defense - Air Force Service directed the exercise.

During the drill, combat teams will compete in different contents, including staff-work ability, political education, logistics, technical services, making combat plans and battle maps, deployment of tactical troops, preparation for combat, coordination of radar troops in detecting and reporting targets, and more.

The exercise is a good chance for the Air Defense - Air Force Service to review and evaluate the training and combat readiness of radar regiments. Form the learnt lessons, leaders of the military service will instruct their sub-units to adjust their training programs as well as to firmly protect the national airspaces.

It is also a good opportunity for participating radar regiments to exchange experience and acquire more knowledge to effectively deal with new critical scenarios and boost coordination with each other to detect and handle low flying objects and unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs).

In his speech, Lieutenant General Lam Quang Dai, Political Commissar of the Air Defense - Air Force Service, asked the organizing panel to conduct the exercise as scheduled.

The jury board of the exercise was asked to heighten their sense of responsibility and objectively and honestly evaluate results of the participants.

Meanwhile, participating troops were urged to exert all-out efforts, apply acquired knowledge in practices, stay united, and observe disciplines and regulations of the exercise while ensuring absolute safety for people and equipment.

Translated by Mai Huong