The mission offering incense at Tran Dang Ninh Commemorative Area

The event was part of the academy’s activities to pay gratitude to its former leaders for their great contributions to the development of the military logistical sector).

Comrade Tran Dang Ninh (1910 – 1955), was the first Director of the General Department of Supplies (the predecessor of the General Department of Logistics). He was the one who directly instructed the organization of the first refresher course for cadres in charge of supplying work in 1951 (the predecessor of the Academy of Logistics). He was a shining example of revolutionary morality, spirit of loyalty and indomitability, dedication, and sacrifice for the country and the people.

Talking with comrade Tran Dang Ninh’s families, Lieutenant General Pham Duc Dung inquired after them and wished them health and happiness. He said that following comrade Tran Dang Ninh’s example, the academy’s personnel and cadets will stay united, overcome difficulties, and promote the emulation spirit to successfully complete education missions, training competent logistic and financial officers to meet the requirement of military building in the new period.

Academy of Logistics' leaders and representative of comrade Tran Dang Ninh's family planting a tree

The director of Academy of Logistics hoped that comrade Tran Dang Ninh’s families will continue paying attention to and creating favorable conditions for the unit’s young cadres, instructors, cadets, and troops to learn more about the tradition.

Translated by Tran Hoai