Making medical declarations

After the aircraft of the national flag carrier Vietnam Airlines landed at Sheremetyevo Airport, all members of the VPA contingent and other passengers were required to make medical declarations in accordance with Russian regulations. Due to the complicated developments of the COVID-19 pandemic, a Russian medical staff directly checked all of the passengers' body temperatures.

Welcoming the Vietnamese contingent at Sheremetyevo International Airport were representatives of the Vietnamese Defense Attaché Office in Russia and functional agencies of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation. Thanks to the support of these units, the Vietnamese contingent quickly completed immigration procedures and moved to places in Moscow.

After completing entry procedures, the team of service dogs and their handlers were taken to Training Center 470, about 100km from Moscow. This is where the team will compete in the coming days. After being tested for COVID-19, the team was welcomed with the traditional ceremony of "Khleb da sol" (bread and salt).

Taking samples for COVID-19 testing

At noon the same day (local time), all members of the delegation received COVID-19 testing, and implemented their 3-day quarantine on request.

Despite a long flight and the epidemic situation, the Vietnam People's Army teams are excited and ready for success.

The Army Games 2020 hosted by the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation marks the third time that the Vietnamese People's Army has sent their forces to participate. This year's event will see the largest number of Vietnamese teams participating in the games.

Over the past time, the teams have made efforts to overcome all difficulties in weather conditions, fields, weapons, and training techniques that are different from the actual competitions, to strive to achieve the best results at the Army Games 2020. All of the teams are determined to promote the achievements earned in 2019 and try their best to achieve high rankings at the Army Games 2020.

Translated by Lam Anh