On the first day of 2021, all Vietnamese peacekeepers had a day off. However, Doctor Nguyen Quang Chien, Deputy Director of the Vietnam’s L2FH Rotation 2, received a phone call from Hiroko Hirahara, Chief of the UNMISS Field Office in Bentiu  asking for help to move away a big beehive of dangerous bees from a local communal house as soon as possible for fear that they might do harm to local people.

A member of L2FH Rotation 2 use fire to move away the big beehive of dangerous bees.

It was the first time the UN peacekeepers in Bentiu received such a request therefore they were confused at first.

After consulting with other members of the field hospital, the L2FH Rotation 2’s Director Lieutenant Colonel Vo Van Hien sent a team headed by Lieutenant Colonel Nguyen Quang Chien to take on this “special mission”. The team quickly wore protective clothing and went along with Hiroko Hirahara to the scene.

Reaching the communal house, the team promptly studied the place. They carefully and professionally drove out the bees. After completing the mission, the team presented tools to locals and instructed them on how to deal with similar situations in an effective and safe manner.

On behalf of the local authorities, Lieutenant Governor thanked the team for their effective assistance, especially on their day off. He highly valued the Vietnamese blue-beret force’s high responsibility, professionalism as well as their simple but scientific and effective methods.

Vietnamese peacekeepers’ effective support for local people together with taking care of UN peacekeepers in Bentiu and fighting COVID-19 has brightened the images of the Vietnamese blue-beret force and Uncle Ho’s soldiers among UN peacekeepers and local people.

Translated by Mai Huong