The Vietnamese delegation was led by Political Commissar of the Son La provincial Border Guard Command Senior Colonel Ca Van Lap, while the Lao side was led by Colonel Viliem Vongthisan, Commanding Officer of Luong Prabang provincial Military Command. 

An overview of the event

At the event, the two sides agreed on the assessment of the results of their coordination in border management and protection. They also discussed other related information and reached agreement on the coordination orientations in the following years.

In particular, both sides have strictly observed and implemented Vietnam - Laos land border gate and border management regulations. They have worked closely to direct their affiliates to well manage and protect the borderline and create favorable conditions for people and vehicles of both countries to travel to visit their relatives and exchange goods, contributing to building a borderline of peace, friendliness, stability, and development.

They have also periodically organized joint patrols to ensure safety and status quo of borderline, border markers and prevent illegal cross-border immigration, drug and human trafficking and others.

Thanks to their close coordination, the political security, social order and safety in border areas have been maintained and kept stable.

The two sides sign the minutes of the meeting.

Alongside cooperation on border management and protection, the Son La provincial Border Guard Command has over the past year helped the Lao side build barracks. It has also provided medical supplies for the Lao partners to fight COVID-19, assisted needy Lao students, and presented cattle to Lao households.

At the event, the two sides signed a Memorandum of Understanding to uphold security and order in the areas bordering Vietnamese and Laos provinces. Accordingly, they will exchange information about issues of common concern and security and order related to territorial sovereignty, national border security. They will also boost information dissemination to raise awareness of the people in border areas of each country’s law and agreements on land border gate and border regulations, and effectively implement coordination plans, to name just a few.

Translated by Mai Huong