At the see-off ceremony, Major General Pham Van Thai, Deputy Director of the Department of Military Training under the General Staff of the VPA, Head of the VPA contingents to the Army Games 2021 asked all members to keep good health, strictly exercise the organizers’ regulations and the host country’s law. He wished them confidence and the highest possible results at the games.

Major General Pham Van Thai (in white) and members of the Lao People’s Armed Forces’ delegation and the VPA’s “Military Medical Relay Race” contingent in a joint photo

According to Senior Colonel Nguyen Duong Hai, Captain of the “Field Kitchen” contingent, after completing a three-day quarantine period in Uzbekistan, the cooks will try their best to familiarize themselves with food production equipment as soon as possible. Hai added that the members’ health is good because during their stay in Moscow, they regularly did exercise to keep fit. The team also actively developed solutions to possible scenarios that they might face such as the differences between equipment used during training and in real competition. Colonel Hai confirmed that the contingent has made thorough preparations for the competition.

Meanwhile, what concerns members of the “Military Medical Relay Race” contingent is that food in Uzbekistan and the local harsh weather could affect their physical strength. The contingent chief, Lieutenant Colonel Nguyen Bach Dang explained that the main food in this Muslim country is lamb. Sometimes, chicken and rice are served; however, they are cooked with lamb fat. Moreover, the place where the contingent will stay and compete is in the desert.

Despite these difficulties, all 22 members of the contingent feel confident because it is the fourth time for them to compete in the “Military Medical Relay Race” event of the games. They are determined to win a medal. Like the “Field Kitchen” contingent, the “Military Medical Relay Race” contingent will early start their training after the quarantine period.

The same day, service dog handlers started getting acquainted with the competition venue.

The “Field Kitchen” contingent show their confidence before heading for Uzbekistan

Vietnam’s “Military Medical Relay Race” contingent members and their Myanmar peers exchange information.

Earlier, after arriving in Algeria, they were all tested negative for SARS-CoV-2. They took advantage of the quarantine time to improve their physical strength. They also visited the Military Sports Complex Training Center where the opening ceremony and two parts of the “True Friends” event – “300 meters obstacle course with service dogs” and “Protection work” will take place. The contingent captain also visited the competition venue for the event’s competition parts, namely “Dog biathlon - Individual race” and “Dog biathlon - Relay race”. The event organizers informed them of the training plan and other sideline activities.

Meanwhile, safely arriving in Iran, the VPA’s “Gunsmith” contingent was arranged to stay at the Air Defense Academy of the Islamic Republic of Iran Armed Forces in Isfahan where the “Gunsmith Master” event of the Army Games 2021 will take place.

A joint photo of Vietnamese and Myanmar “Military Medical Relay Race” contingents

Representatives of the Vietnamese Embassy in Tehran visited and encouraged the contingent members and said that they will support the members at request.

According to Senior Colonel Vu Hong Giang, the “Gunsmith” contingent chief, all participating contingents will be tested for COVID-19 during the 72-hour quarantine period and wait for the last one to arrive but no later than August 15. When all contingents complete their quarantine time, they will have a chance to get access to the training grounds and start their training plans.

Reported from Moscow, Russia

Translated by Mai Huong