“Iron roses” training hard for the competition

The atmosphere in the hotel rooms in Moscow of the Vietnamese Military Medical Team is cozy compared to the chilly weather outside because of the team’s active preparations and training for the upcoming event. Since their arrival in Moscow, “iron roses” of the team have started practicing plank, squat, and cardio exercises to improve their fitness.

With their harmonious coordination in practicing exercises without medical tools, non-commissioned Second Lieutenants Tran Thi Ai Nhi and Nguyen Thi Hanh are worthily called a “perfect couple”. According to Ai Nhi, to overcome all of the challenges caused by jet lag and unfavorable weather conditions, members of the team encourage and help each other in preparing for the competition.

Lieutenant Colonel Nguyen Bach Dang, Head of the Military Medical Team, said that ensuring physical fitness for members in the Military Medical Relay Race event in Uzbekistan is a top priority. Therefore, immediately after arriving at Salut Hotel, each member started fitness training in their rooms to ensure the best health conditions for the games.

Non-commissioned Second Lieutenants Tran Thi Ai Nhi and Nguyen Thi Hanh

Thoughtful and caring Russian friends

Coming to the land of birches in the context of the complicated development of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Vietnamese contingent faced difficulties in terms of accommodations and training facilities. However, thanks to the wholehearted support of thoughtful and helpful Russian friends, they soon fought off all the challenges.

Apart from being accommodated with well-equipped four-star hotel rooms, members of the Vietnamese contingent are served nutritious Vietnamese dishes by Russian service staff that does not forget to smile with the Vietnamese guests. The nice gestures of the Russian side soon help take away any worries of a culture gap.

Lieutenant Colonel Nguyen Bach Dang said that through their efficient service, the Vietnamese participants feel the sincerity and hospitality of Russian friends, especially interpreters, service staff, and liaison officers.

For his part, Senior Colonel Kieu Van Minh, Deputy Chief of Staff of the Artillery Corps and Head of the Artillery Team, is impressed by the enthusiasm, thoughtfulness, and openness of the service staff of the host country. He emphasized the importance of the timely assistance of the host country in the context that all participants have to stay in their hotel rooms due to COVID-19 pandemic prevention and control regulations. These friendly guestures will help competitors feel safe when they compete in the games.

As scheduled, on August 14, the Vietnamese Artillery Team will fly to Saratov, 800km from Moscow, to get used to the training grounds, weapons, and equipment after advancing to a unit, 70-80km from the capital city of Russia on August 13.

On August 13, the Chemical Team of the Vietnam People’s Army, together with members of the Armenian, Uzbekistani, Chinese, and Belarusian teams, left the Slavyanka Hotel in Moscow for the Pesochnoe training grounds in Kostroma city to prepare for the “Safe Environment” event.

In spite of joining the Army Games for only the second time, First Lieutenant Vu Van Hung, a member of the Vietnamese Chemical Team, is still nervous as the training ground and competition sections in the Army Games 2020 in Russia are different from the previous games organized in China. In addition, this year’s event will see the participation of strong teams from Belarus and Uzbekistan.

That’s why members of the Vietnamese team do not underestimate their rivals and practice hard for the games. They took full advantage of the three-day quarantine period at their hotel to conduct extra-curricular training sessions to maintain their physical fitness.

Reported by reporters of the People’s Army Newspaper (From Moscow, Russia)

Translated by Tran Hoai