A representative from Sen Thuong Border Post presents a souvenir to the Chinese side.

In a straightforward, friendly, practical and mutually-respectful spirit, the two sides informed each other of situations related to border management and COVID-19 prevention and control. They also discussed future cooperation plans. 

Specifically, they agreed to boost information dissemination to encourage people living along both sides of the shared borderline between Vietnam and China to observe the signed border agreements and laws, to raise their awareness of COVID-19 prevention, and denounce illegal cross-border activities to prevent the COVID-19 from spreading across the border.

They will also expand and diversify information exchange channels, especially those related to border management, and enhance the fight against criminal activities on both sides of the borderline, such as destruction of border markers, and cross-border human, weapon, and drug trafficking. 

During the talks, both sides took a field trip to a landslide-hit place around border marker No.12. Sen Thuong Border Post asked the Chinese side to report the case to their higher level to devise plans to jointly make repairs to ensure safety and keep the borderline intact.

Source: bienphong.com.vn

Translated by Chung Anh