Rear Admiral Tran Thanh Nghiem at the talk

At the talk, Rear Admiral Tran Thanh Nghiem emphasized that the bilateral defense cooperation has continuously developed and become an important pillar in the Vietnam-China comprehensive strategic partnership. He said that cooperation between the two navies has been strengthened through regular meetings between leaders of the two navies, the successful organization of patrols, annual meetings on joint patrols and drills at sea.

Nghiem emphasized that the Vietnam People’s Navy has thoroughly embraced and strictly carried out the common perceptions of the two countries' high-level leaders as well as the Vietnam-China agreement on basic principles guiding the settlement of sea-related issues. Vietnamese naval force hopes to strengthen cooperation with Chinese People's Liberation Army Navy.

The two sides agreed to enhance the sharing of information related to situations at sea and issues of mutual concern, study the possibility of setting up a hotline to connect the two navies, and maintain the joint patrol mechanism in the Gulf of Tonkin. After the COVID-19 pandemic is controlled, the two countries will promote delegation exchanges and share experiences in conducting Party, political, logistical and technical work. These efforts are expected to contribute to strengthening cooperation between the two navies in an intensive and practical manner.

At the talk

After the talk, the Vietnamese officer received the outgoing Chinese defense attaché to Vietnam Colonel Luo Bin and newly-appointed Chinese defense attaché to Vietnam Colonel Pan Tao.

Translated by Tran Hoai