The third round aimed to comprehensively assess the coordinating abilities and the capacity of all of the athletes. Two crews with equipment and gas masks passed 12 obstacles, 12 personal obstacles and three areas to implement the missions of chemical reconnaissance, detection of radiation, and disinfection.

A vehicle of the Vietnamese team carrying out the chemical reconnaissance mission

After crossing the finish line, the first vehicle must transfer one magazine to the members of the second vehicle. After receiving all the three magazines, the second vehicle's crew immediately starts to carry out its test. The time for the entire team to complete the test is recorded when the last members of the second vehicle cross the finish line.

In this test, the VPA’s chemical contingent competed with their Armenian counterpart. Thanks to favorable weather conditions, two drivers of the VPA’s chemical contingent successfully completed their missions without any mistakes.

To carry out the chemical reconnaissance missions and detection of toxic chemicals, the organizing panel increased the test's difficulty levels by using the concentration of fake toxic chemicals, and weaker radioactive source. However, the Vietnamese athletes quickly completed these tasks, bringing certain advantages to their team.

The Vietnamese chemical contingent at the contest

Entering the personal stumbling block with excitement, six members of the two crews seemed to have more energy to successfully overcome 12 personal obstacles in the fastest time, surpassing the Armenian team and even their own achievements on the first day of competition.

At the end of the third day of competition, the VPA’s Chemical Contingent won the bronze medal in its first participation in such a big international event.

Reported by Pham Kien from China

Translated by Lam Anh