Despite the rain and slippery roads, the Vietnamese athletes have successfully completed the “Special Strip”event. In the “Relay” event, at the K59 pistol firing part, the team excellently ranked first, destroying 14/21 targets, while the North Sea Fleet Team destroyed 10/21 targets. During the shooting competition, the athletes had to carry gas masks.

The contingent’s Head, Lieutenant Colonel Nguyen Van Tuan, from the Search and Rescue Department under the General Staff of the VPA, said all of the members of the Vietnamese team carried with them the spirit of “determination to win,” which helped them successfully complete their missions.

The VPA’s Search and Rescue Contingent

The Search and Rescue Team of the Vietnam People’s Army (VPA) is one of the two contest’s “seeds,” and was requested to play first with the team of the host country on the opening day. In this competition, the Vietnamese team competed with their peers from Russia, Angola, and South Africa.

Lieutenant Colonel Nguyen Van Tuan also thanked the host country for creating the best conditions for the Vietnamese team to practice and compete. “The Army Games 2019 is an opportunity for the teams to exchange experiences, strengthen mutual understanding and friendly cooperation, and to solve common challenges,” he added.

Lieutenant Colonel Nguyen Van Tuan speaking at the opening ceremony

Earlier, during the training program at Posadsky Shooting School, the VPA’s Search and Rescue Contingent studied the regulations, which left a good impression on international friends and promoted the image of the Vietnam People’s Army to the world.

The rules and regulations of the event were difficult and complex for the Vietnamese team members. They include passing obstacles, practicing fire-fighting, overcoming dangerous obstacles, breaking into damaged high-rise buildings with debris to search and rescue victims, giving first aid to victims, and bringing them down from high-rise buildings.

During the competition, they performed various difficult tasks, such as cutting through obstacles at the area of collapse to save the injured, detecting mines, explosives, and poisonous gases, breaking into basement of damaged buildings to rescue victims, and seeking and neutralizing terrorists.

Translated by Lam Anh