The program was accompanied by medical staff of the Mongolian mission who joined in providing medical check-ups and medicines.

Vietnamese “blue beret” doctors help raise South Sudanese women's awareness of health care. (Photo: Level-2 Field Hospital Rotation 3)

This was a meaningful activity of Vietnam’s “blue beret” doctors with the desire to convey a message on the role of women in all countries, even though that country is still facing difficulties.

According to Dr. Tong Van Anh, head of the women's group of the hospital, many South Sudanese women do not understand the importance of hygiene for women's reproductive health, and to prevent gynecological diseases. They also lack knowledge about feminine hygiene, she added.

She expressed her hope that after the event, local women will be more aware and concerned about their own health, especially reproductive health.

Other Vietnamese female doctors and nurses also gave many gifts to South Sudanese women, along with thoughtful advice.

The program has contributed to building a beautiful image of Vietnamese people in the eyes of international friends, and bringing a better life to the indigenous people, especially women.

Source: VNA