Of the four operations, three were appendicitis surgeries on patients suffering chronic appendicitis and showing atypical clinical symptoms for about a year. The three South Sudan peacekeepers received check-ups in many other hospitals where doctors failed to diagnose their exact disease and give them effective treatment.

Doctors of the L2FH Rotation 3 of Vietnam at UNMISS have performed four surgeries for U.N. peacekeepers in South Sudan so far this year. (Source: L2FH Rotation 3 of Vietnam at UNMISS)

After careful examination, Vietnamese doctors detected the rare disease and decided to conduct surgeries on the patients. The successful surgeries ended persistent pain on the patients and enabled them to resume a normal life.

Particularly, anesthetic technique of transversus abdominis plane (TAP) block were applied on the patients to help them reduce post-surgery pain and recover faster.

The fourth operation was on a patient having an abscess near the anus which was about 10cm in size, causing severe pains with risks of systemic infection. Before being treated at the L2FH Rotation 3 of Vietnam, the patient had received treatment at the U.N. Level-1 Hospital many times, but his condition was not improved.

After the successful surgery, the patient recovered well and was discharged shortly afterwards.

In his thank-you letter sent to the L2FH Rotation 3 of Vietnam upon is discharge, Bwangani Issac, a U.N. security officer wrote that L2FH Rotation 3 of Vietnam at UNMISS in Bentiu provides excellent medical quality. Vietnamese food are wonderful, especially porridge, he added. He expressed his appreciation to the Government of Vietnam and the UN for, with their careful selection, having sent best doctors and nurses to South Sudan to protect the lives of U.N. staff.

Like Issac, all the patients receiving treatment at the hospital showed their satisfaction and extended gratitude to Vietnamese doctors, expressing their special sentiments towards the nation and people of Vietnam.

Source: VNA