Vietnamese and Russian troops crossing "wall with a net" line

This is the first time that the Vietnamese contingent has won a gold medal of the “Emergency Area” contest. This is also the first time in the history of the Army Games that two teams have pocketed gold medals in a contest. 

In this year’s event, the silver and bronze medals were presented to the teams of Belarus and Mali, respectively.

On the afternoon on August 17, the “Race to Victory” event within the “Emergency Area” contest saw a fierce competition between the Vietnamese and Russian troops. Their persuasive performances helped them win this year’s contest.

The “Emergency Area” contest within the Army Games 2022 took place in Vietnam from August 15 to 19 with the participation of six contingents from Belarus, Congo, Myanmar, Mali, Russia and the host Vietnam.

The Vietnamese troops celebrating after completing their competition

During the event, the participating teams completed in 11  parts, namely moat with water, wall with a net, blocked passage, special course, putting on individual protection equipment, the locked door, firefighting, emergency container, ring road, railway platform, and shooting range.

Translated by Tran Hoai