The two delegations at the meeting

During the working session, the two sides underlined that the great friendship, special solidarity and comprehensive cooperation between Vietnam and Laos, formed by Presidents Ho Chi Minh, Kaysone Phomvihane and Souphanouvong, have been inherited and upheld by the two parties and peoples. These ties have become a precious heritage and the rule of existence and development of the two countries, and the factor ensuring the success of their revolutionary causes.

Both sides evaluated that over the past time, through the implementation of the contents in the protocol and cooperation plans between the two defense ministries and contents in the agreement between the two GDPs, exchange activities on the Party and political work in general and mass mobilization work in particular have been implemented in an effective manner, meeting the requirements of the reality.

A large number of Lao officers from the Department of Basic Building have participated in refresher courses and professional exchanges in Vietnam and many Vietnamese officers of the Department of Mass Mobilization have visited and share experience in Laos.


An overview of the meeting to share experience in mass mobilization

On the occasion, the two sides shared experience in mass mobilization and discussed concrete measures to strengthen cooperation and mutual support in the work, contributing to effectively performing their advisory role for the two defense ministers in the work.

Translated by Quynh Oanh