General Vinh emphasized that over the past decade the bilateral defense ties between Vietnam and the US have enjoyed fine and comprehensive development, including all-level delegation exchanges, personnel training, post-war recovery, sharing of experiences in UN peacekeeping operations, and maritime security.

Deputy Defense Minister Senior Lieutenant General Nguyen Chi Vinh (right) and US Assistant Secretary of State for East Asia and Pacific Affairs David Stilwell at the reception

The Vietnamese senior officer noted that Vietnam and the US should expand the bilateral relationship in general and the bilateral defense cooperation in particular, especially next year when the two countries celebrate the 25th anniversary of the establishment of their diplomatic ties and when Vietnam takes over the ASEAN Chair.

He stressed that the expansion of their ties should be based on the building of mutual trust that meet the two countries’ needs and capabilities as well as ensure sustainable development in the future.

The two countries should also promote cooperation in the fields that they have been committed to, with a focus on delegation exchanges, dialogue and consultation mechanisms, war-left consequence relief, search and rescue, humanitarian assistance and disaster relief, maritime security, military medicine, personnel training, and UN peacekeeping operations.

For his part, the US Assistant Secretary of State thanked General Vinh for the reception and hoped that the US and Vietnam will proactively expand their cooperation activities, thus realizing the signed agreements and strengthening the bilateral defense cooperation.

Translated by Mai Huong