Reporter:  Could you please comment on the increasing number of ships and countries participating in the MNEK as Indonesia has hosted it for the third time?

Captain Dato Rusman: One of the aims of the MNEK, hosted by Indonesia, is to strengthen mutual understanding among regional and global navies. The participation of a big number of countries to respond to common challenges such as natural or humanitarian disasters is significantly important. As challenges are increasing, more efforts and actions of countries are needed. The participation of many countries in the event also helps Indonesia learn more valuable experiences.

Indonesian Naval Captain Dato Rusman

Reporter: During the CPX, some mock-ups were thrown in for the participants to deal with. How was this ‘flexible exercise’ conducted, Captain?

Captain Dato Rusman: Surprisingly, the participants from some different countries had the same ideas and solutions to handle the mock-ups. Although the scenarios were flexible and changed due to task requirements, the participants in this period together controlled and handled the situations relating to counter-terrorism, refugees, and maritime incidents. The participants were very active in dealing with the mock-ups. I hope that the Field Training Exercise will be well implemented as planned.

Vietnam’s team in the Table Top Exercise

Reporter: How do you evaluate Vietnam’s participation in this exercise, Captain?

Captain Dato Rusman: Vietnam has participated in all three MNEKs and this proves the country’s enthusiasm and responsibility. Right from the beginning, I was impressed by Vietnam’s serious contribution. Vietnam was one of the contingents that raised many questions to experts at seminars on issues of concern, including humanitarian assistance.

Vietnam’s comments on issues that we are facing today such as natural disaster and humanitarian relief activities, were highly appreciated by guest speakers and experts and participants at the seminars. Moreover, at the mock-ups, Vietnam’s and other countries’ participants also met the set demands.

Reporter: Thank you very much!

On May 7, participating countries in MNEK 2018 conducted Table Top Exercise and adopted the plan for the Field Training Exercise (FTX). This is also the final exercise on land before the two day of the FTX. As planned, the participating forces are divided into two tactical groups. Tactical Group 18.1, consisting of ships and aircraft, which is tasked to prevent maritime incidents and ensure maritime safety and security. Meanwhile, Tactical Group 18.2, including the Vietnamese Hospital Ship 561, consisting of transportation and hospital ships, is given tasks of search and rescue, maritime supply and humanitarian assistance. On May 8, participating ships move to the West of Lombok island to conduct the FTX.

Translated by Nam Long