Lt. Gen. Hoang Xuan Chien (R) and Colonel Bangsy Xaysomkhoth

At the meeting, on behalf of the MND’s leadership, General Chien highly valued the achievements and contributions of Colonel Bangsy Xaysomkhoth during his term of office, emphasizing that the Lao officer has actively contributed to developing the friendship and cooperation between the two nations and militaries.

Congratulating Colonel Vongxay Inthakham on his new post as Lao defense attaché to Vietnam, General Chien hoped that the new defense attaché will bring into play the good results achieved by his predecessor and continue to act as a bridge in the bilateral defense cooperation.

The Vietnamese defense leader also highlighted the great friendship, special solidarity, and comprehensive cooperation between the two neighboring countries. He emphasized that the relations are faithful, pure, and rare and are an invaluable asset and an important factor in the development of both countries. He also said that defense cooperation is an important pillar in the bilateral relationship.

The Lao officers present flowers of congratulation to Lt. Gen. Hoang Xuan Chien.

He underlined that on the basis of the defense cooperation protocol and plan signed annually, the bilateral defense ties have developed in an intensive, practical, and effective manner in all fields.

Saying that the COVID-19 pandemic is likely to prolong and affect the implementation of cooperation contents agreed by the two defense ministries, General Chien suggested the two sides be cohesive and responsive to new situations while boosting their cooperation actively and creatively in the spirit of not letting the pandemic hinder the implementation of the cooperation contents.

At the reception, the Lao defense attachés presented flowers and congratulated Lieutenant General Hoang Xuan Chien on his new appointment as Deputy Defense Minister.

Colonel Bangsy Xaysomkhoth thanked the MND leadership for creating favorable conditions for him to fulfill his missions. Meanwhile, the new Lao defense attaché stressed that he will do his utmost to develop the bilateral defense ties, contributing to the military-building cause of each country.

Translated by Mai Huong