Participating in the three-day trip were Vessels 8004 and 8003 of Flotilla 11 of the Vietnam Coast Guard Region 1 Command and Vessels 4302 and 4204 from the Chinese Coast Guard.

This 19th joint trip was organized in accordance with the Vietnam-China agreement on fishery cooperation in the Tonkin Gulf, which was signed by the Vietnamese and Chinese governments in 2000.

People are sprayed with disinfectant 

The joint trip covered nine points in the joint fishing area in the Gulf of Tonkin. During the event, the two sides inspected and monitored fishing activities by fishermen, raised their awareness of the provisions on the operation and conduct at sea, and disseminated relevant laws among them.

On the occasion, the Vietnam Coast Guard carried out the “Coast guards stand by fishermen" program to support Vietnamese fishermen operating in the joint fishing areas. Many meaningful gifts, including national flags, face masks, bottles of disinfectant, and leaflets on COVID-19 prevention and control, were given to Vietnamese fishermen.

The work in the Gulf of Tonkin has been strengthened over the past time. Through monthly updates on vessels violating the agreement, both sides have promoted information dissemination to fishermen, contributing to building the joint fishery areas in the Gulf of Tonkin into a region of peace, friendship and cooperation.

The joint inspection this time has fulfilled its targets.

Translated by Lam Anh