During the event, functional units of the Ministry of National Defense commented on contents during the opening ceremony of the exercise.

Senior Lieutenant General Phung Si Tan, Deputy Chief of the General Staff of the Vietnam People’s Army, chairs a rehearsal of the opening ceremony of the VINBAX 2023.

Addressing the inspection, Gen. Tan requested the functional units to closely work together to make thorough preparations for the exercise in line with reality.

Senior Colonel Pham Manh Thang, Director of the Vietnam Department of Peacekeeping Operations, held that Vietnam and India have closely coordinated with each other to prepare for the exercise in all fields, adding that all participating forces are ready, as well as a simulation venue and necessary equipment are in place for the event.

An overview of the rehearsal

The participating forces will carry out different contents that are close to the actual operations and tasks of the engineering team and military medical team, including the deployment of an additional level-1 field hospital joining the United Nations peacekeeping operations, thereby improving professional capabilities and coordination capacity between engineering and military medical forces.

Gen. Tan inspects preparation work for the upcoming event.

In addition, VINBAX 2023 also includes reception activities, sports exchanges, cultural and artistic performances, and tours of cultural establishments, contributing to enhancing understanding, friendship, and connection among the participants.

VINBAX 2023, hosted by Vietnam, is the fourth U.N. peacekeeping exercise between Vietnam and India and the second field exercise on peacekeeping between the two countries’ militaries.

Translated by Minh Anh