National soul highlighted

Senior Lieutenant Nguyen Duy Thinh played the sweet melodious sounds of the mono-chord, a unique musical instrument of Vietnam, garnered appreciation from the audience and jury in the competition among military art troupes participating in the Games.

Vietnamese artist playing mono-chord, with a clip featuring Vietnamese people’s glorious struggle for national salvation in the background

The first item of the Vietnamese Military Art Troupe’s program was Thinh’s performance on his mono-chord. The sound of the one-string instrument captured the audiences’ attention right at the beginning, as they could feel the sadness of the Vietnamese people during the war and their happiness, excitement and optimism about impressive changes and developments of the nation in peacetime. Even without reading the Vietnamese, Russian or English versions of the provided leaflet, the audiences were impressed.  

The audience impressed by the Vietnamese art troupe’s performance

Along with national pride, the Vietnamese military artists introduced to the audience the image of unyielding Vietnamese women in the struggle against foreign invaders for national independence and showcased their good virtues via a dance choreographed by Colonel Lu Kieu Le and performed by Second Lieutenant Nguyen Thi My Linh.

Linh’s flexible and strong martial arts movements with a bamboo stick conquered the heart of the jury and audiences. Her body language demonstrated the grace, energy and strong will of Vietnamese women in a lively manner.

Friendship without borders

On the stage of the Army Games 2019 at the Patriot military park, some 8km from the Alabino training ground in Russia, the Vietnamese military artists created a cultural and artistic space highlighted by bamboo trees and lotus flowers.

Artist My Linh dancing flexibly with a bamboo stick

According to Colonel Lu Kieu Le, head of the Vietnamese art performance team, the bamboo tree are familiar to every Vietnamese person. It symbolizes the Vietnamese people’s undaunted spirit and iron will.

“Bringing along Vietnamese bamboo sticks to the Army Games, we would like to introduce the strong spirit, will and power of Vietnam, its people and people’s armed forces to international friends,” said the Vietnamese female officer.

Participating artists on the artistic stage of the Army Games 2019 on the first day of the competition among military art troupes

In fact, the troupe’s active participation in the Army Games 2019 has conveyed a message of friendship to all participating teams at an event exclusively for the tense competitions among tanks, aircraft and guns on training grounds.

The good preparations and professionalism of the Vietnamese military art troupe have received big applause from the jury.

Reaching beyond the nature of a competition among artists, the unique artistic space of the Army Games 2019 has encouraged participating teams to strengthen their friendship in line with the spirit of the festival of “Friendship without borders.”

Head of the Vietnamese military art troupe, Lieutenant Colonel Dang My Hanh handing out a leaflet introducing the troupe’s performance in the Vietnamese, Russian, and English languages

As suggested by the host country, the Vietnamese military contingents will host a cultural and culinary day at the Army Games 2019 to introduce Vietnamese culture and food.

Together with Vietnam’s booth in the Friendship House of the Games, Vietnamese artists and cooks from the Field Kitchen contingent will treat the locals and foreign peers with an attractive and unique cultural party, contributing to popularizing the image of Vietnam, its people and the heroic Vietnam People’s Army to international friends.

Below is a clip of the Vietnamese military art troupe’s performance at the Army Games 2019.


Reported by My Hanh from Russia

Translated by Mai Huong