The delegation visited Toray Industries, Inc., a multilateral corporation headquartered in Japan and founded in 1926. It produces a variety of products ranging from fabrics, carbon materials, plastics, synthetic chemicals, industrial materials to technology products for life. With its about 250 subsidiaries worldwide, the corporation has affirmed its position in the global market and is a Japan's leading fabric manufacturing corporation.

Gen. Nam and the Vietnamese delegation visit Japan Marine United Corporation.

In a visit to Kowa Tech Co., Ltd. the Vietnamese delegation toured the company’s facility for such specialized vehicles as amphibious buses, forklifts, TV vehicles, simulation vehicles, different kinds of robots assembled in vehicles. Gen. Nam was impressed with the company’s vehicles for rescue, disaster response, and military medical activities.

At the Japan Marine United Corporation (JMU), the delegation was briefed on the history of the corporation’s establishment, capability to design, produce, and build cutting-edge ships, and visited its production area.

Gen. Nam meets with Japan’s State Minister of Defense Oniki Makoto.

The JMU and Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Kawasaki Heavy Industries are corporations owning advanced defense industry facilities in the region. Attentively, the JMU's shipyard has the largest building and repair capacity in Tokyo Bay. During the visit, the Vietnamese head delegate expressed his impression of the JMU’s shipbuilding process and highly praised the quality of ship systems researched and built by the corporation.

At the weapons demonstration by the Japan Ground Self-Defense Force

In Shizuoka Prefecture, the delegation observed a weapons demonstration held annually by the Japan Ground Self-Defense Force in May.

At a meeting with Lieutenant General Ueda Kazumasa, Deputy Chief of Staff of the Japan Ground Self-Defense Force, and Oniki Makoto, State Minister of Defense, Gen. Nam highly appreciated the Japan Ground Self-Defense Force’s modern weapons and equipment. He highly praised the force’s high responsibility and good addressing simulated situations during the weapons demonstration.

Translated by Mai Huong