Delegates and Lao trainees in a joint photos

Speaking at the ceremony, Lieutenant General Phan Anh Viet, the academy’s Deputy Director, said that the training course is part of the international cooperation agreement on military and defense training between Vietnam and Laos, contributing to strengthening mutual understanding and trust, friendship, and special solidarity between the two countries. 

During the course, the Lao officers will study the traditional relations between Vietnam, Laos, and Cambodia. They will also study social sciences, humanities, Vietnam’s foreign policy, the establishment and protection of Vietnam, and defense and security issues in the region and the world.

They will also be equipped with knowledge related to the building of local military affairs, defensive areas, Vietnam’s military art, command-staff work on military strategy, and Party and political work, among others.

The Lao officers will also visit several landscapes, historical and cultural relics of Vietnam, and units of the Vietnam People’s Army. These activities will help them learn more about Vietnam, its people, its cultural tradition, and military art.

Translated by Tran Hoai