Addressing the event, leaders of Western Fleet, Indian Navy affirmed that MILAN 2024 is one of the largest exercises organized by India since 1995, drawing the participation of nearly 50 countries. The host also thanked the navies for participating in all activities and contents in the framework of the exercise, hoping that the participating navies would further support and join the next MILAN 2026.

An overview of the closing ceremony of the Multilateral Naval Exercise MILAN 2024

On behalf of the Vietnam People’s Navy, Senior Captain Doan Bao Anh, Second-in-Command of Naval Region 3 Command, head of the delegation on Frigate 20, Flotilla 132, Brigade 172 taking part in MILAN 2024, hailed the exercise’s thorough preparation and organization of the Indian Navy, hoping that activities during the exercise would contribute to promoting mutual trust and understanding as well as the relations and solidarity among participating navies in the time ahead. He also thanked the Indian side for warmly welcoming and supporting the Vietnamese naval delegation during its participation in MILAN 2024.

Senior Captain Doan Bao Anh speaks at the event.
Delegates pose for a joint photo at the closing ceremony

With theme “Camaraderie, Cohesion, Collaboration,” the multilateral naval exercise MILAN 2024 took place from February 19 to 27 in Visakhapatnam city.

* Earlier, from February 24 to 27, naval ships of the participating countries, including Frigate 20 of the Vietnam People’s Navy, joined the Sea Exercise in the Eastern waters of Visakhapatnam city, India.

Talking with reporter from the People’s Army Newspaper, Captain Le Dai Nghia, Second-in-Command of Brigade 172 noted that thanks to good training and preparation, the Vietnamese frigate accomplished all contents of the exercise within 55 hours over 500 nautical miles, as regulated with absolute safety.

On February 28, the Vietnamese frigate left Visakhapatnam city for Da Nang military port.

Translated by Minh Anh