According to Lieutenant Colonel Nguyen Duc Long, Head of the Office of Administrative Affairs under the Staff of Division 308, when the division was assigned to receiving a delegation of the Australian Ministry for Defense  visiting the unit's barracks under construction on April 8, 2015, the division's troops felt very anxious. The preparation for the reception of international visitors was not hard, but the work included many details requiring a lot of efforts.

In recent years, as Vietnam has pursued the policy of promoting foreign relations with other countries, the Vietnam People's Army has actively expended defense ties with other countries' militaries.

The division's troops and the delegation of the Department of Military External Affairs under the DPRK People's Armed Forces in a group photo

In this circumstance, the division has welcomed a large number of visiting foreign military delegations. In an effort to work in a professional and effective manner and contribute to strengthening defense ties between the Vietnam People’s Army and its partners, the division has organized training courses for its troops on reception protocols, knowledge of foreign militaries and Party’s and State’s foreign policy. In late March 2016, the division welcomed a delegation of the Department of Military External Affairs under the DPRK People's Armed Forces. When the visiting delegation left the unit, all the guests were impressed by the unit’s professionalism in conducting foreign affairs.

In 2018 alone, the division received 55 delegations, including 10 international delegations and ensured safety for all visitors.

Division 308’s defense external affairs service has contributed to beautifying the image of the Vietnam People's Army in the eyes of other militaries.

Translated by Lam Anh