As an unit in charge of training L2FH Rotation 5, Military Hospital 175 has closely coordinated with functional agencies and units of the Ministry of National Defense and international partners to comprehensively implement training on medical expertise, logistics, technology, English, and peacekeeping contents.

Members of the mission check the hospital's relevant documents.

The hospital has also invited the forces, who have participated in peacekeeping activities, to share their experience with personnel of L2FH Rotation 5. Up to now, all personnel of the field hospital have met the requirements of the United Nations.

The mission of the Ministry of National Defense asked Military Hospital 175 to continue following the plans of all levels and maintaining pre-deployment training for the hospital’s personnel in line with real situation, focusing on professional training for each employee associated with their working position and equipping them with survival skills and mass mobilization methods.

For members of the L2FH Rotation 5, the mission requested them to well prepare for the upcoming general practice exercise to improve the coordination between hospital members and staff of the U.N. in emergency medical situations that may occur in the area where the mission is stationed.

Translated by Tran Hoai