All trainees completed the 12th course with flying colors and the school granted a certificate of merit to a trainee with the best academic records.

Certificates presented to Cambodian trainees

The course provided the Cambodian trainees with basic knowledge of political situations, military-defense and revolutionary cause of Vietnam in different periods and of social sciences and humanities with close link with military activities. This knowledge helped them have a sound scientific worldview, methodology, political stance, morals and working style.

With the knowledge acquired during the course, the trainees are expected to well perform their tasks in all positions of advisors, managers, or commanders and are able to direct the effective exploitation of staffed equipment. The trainees are also encouraged to self-study, do more research to improve their professional expertise to meet the development of modern warfare.

The school's courses opened for Cambodian military officers as such also contribute to enhancing the close solidarity and friendship between the two militaries.

Translated by Mai Huong