At Huoi Puoc Border Gate on the Vietnam-Laos border line, the delegation from the Border Guard Command of Dien Bien province handed over a package of donations, worth VND 55 million, including one desktop computer set, 10 desks, 10 chairs, a grass-cutting machine, three tons of cement, and roofing materials, to the Lao unit.

At the ceremony

This activity aimed to actualize the commitments between the Border Posts of Muong Nha and Huoi Puoc Border Gate and Laos’ Border Company 163. It also strengthened the spirit of unity, friendship, trust, mutual understanding, and support in carrying out the tasks of safeguarding sovereignty and border security, towards the goal of building a peaceful, friendly, cooperative, and developed border region.

A representative from Laos’ Border Company 163 expressed thanks for the warm sentiments extended by the Border Guard Command of Dien Bien Province, as well as the Border Posts of Muong Nha and Huoi Puoc Border Gate. They also highly appreciated the mutual assistance and support in border management and protection that have been provided by the Vietnamese unit over the past time. They wished for the enduring sustainable development of the special friendship and comprehensive cooperation between Laos and Vietnam in the time to come.

Translated by Trung Thanh