At the conference

Over the past three months, the MND has given recommendations to the Party’s and State’s leaders on important issues related to the peaceful and stable environment of the nation and the region. The MND has also carried out the defense external affairs as planned, contributing to the trust in the country from other countries and international organizations, and defending firmly national sovereignty and territory, improving the position of the country and military in the region and world as well as building the military in the current period.

In the fourth quarter of this year, the meeting agreed that the service should continuously implement its tasks in line with the Resolution of the 12th Party Congress. Besides, the service should follow closely developments in the region and the world to give timely recommendations to the Party, State and MND on handling defense relations and defense cooperation with foreign countries while working with the Party’s and State’s departments of foreign relations to make preparations of contents related to defense relations for overseas visits of senior Party and State leaders and for receptions for foreign leaders during their high-level visits to Vietnam.

At the meeting, the participants laid stress on the importance of bilateral defense cooperation, active and proactive engagement in multilateral defense cooperation mechanisms, good preparations of a military engineer company to be deployed to any UN peacekeeping missions, sound direction over and close following of the operations of the Level-two Field Hospital No.1 of Vietnam in South Sudan and defense and border external affairs.

Translated by Song Anh