Delegates touring a photo exhibition on the sidelines of the ceremony

The event saw the attendance of Deputy Defense Minister Senior Lieutenant General Nguyen Tan Cuong and Cuban Defense Attaché to Vietnam Colonel Juan Miguel Garcia Montano.

Addressing the event, General Cuong stressed that the Giron Victory of the Cuban people contributed to encouraging national liberation movements throughout the world, including Vietnam. On this occasion, on behalf of the MND’s leaders, General Cuong congratulated Cuba for successfully organizing its 8th Party Congress, and affirmed that with the new leadership, the country would gain more achievements in its national defense and construction cause.

The Deputy Defense Minister also affirmed the solidarity and comprehensive partnership between the two Parties, States, militaries and people which have always been treasured and promoted over the past time, expressing his thanks to Cuba for always standing side by side with Vietnam in its struggles for national liberation, development, and Fatherland protection.

Cuban Defense Attaché to Vietnam Colonel Juan Miguel Garcia Montano speaking at the event

Especially, amid the complicated developments of the COVID-19 pandemic, the two Parties, States and militaries have supported each other in the fight against the pandemic, further proving the value of bilateral friendship and mutual trust.

In addition, General Cuong also highlighted that the bilateral defense cooperation has become an important pillar in the partnership, contributing to strengthening defense potential so as to firmly protect the Party, socialist political system and the people, as well as the independence, sovereignty and territorial sovereignty of each country.

For his part, Colonel Juan Miguel Garcia Montano expressed his delight at the sincere love of the Vietnamese Party, State, military and people over the past 60 years, especially in hard time, to his country.

Delegates posing for a joint photo at the event

He took this occasion to thank the Vietnamese MND, VUFO and VCFA for holding the event, committing to further contribute to promoting the sound solidarity between the two countries, including defense cooperation.

Translated by Minh Anh