The COVID-19 relief aid included necessities, worth VND 20 million, such as instant noodles, oil, fish sauce, rice, and more.

Muong Ai Border Guard Station handing over COVID-19 relief aid to the Xiang Khoiang provincial Military Command of Laos

Earlier, Muong Ai Border Guard Station, in association with the People’s Committees of Muong Ai commune and Ky Son district, on June 20 handed over food and medical supplies, valued at VND 20 million, to Loong Ho Platoon and Border Guard Company 222 under the Xiang Khouang provincial Military Command and local people in Loong Ho, Xam Che, Muong Moc villages, Muong Moc district, Xiang Khouang province.

The gifts aim to ease the difficulties of the border guard force and people along the Vietnam-Laos borderline and increase the effectiveness of COVID-19 prevention and control while boosting the special friendship between the two countries.

Translated by Song Anh