According to VNPT, a technical team from its branch in Da Nang (called VNPT Da Nang) has provided telecommunications infrastructure and services to the field hospital to help treat COVID-19 patients earlier than the scheduled time.

In addition, VNPT Da Nang also increased the number of 4G small cell broadcast stations around the area to maintain smooth communications and operations in the hospital.

Moreover, VNPT Da Nang also implemented hundreds of kilometers of fiber optic cables and other network equipment to set up fiber optical cable Internet, Wifi, and landline telephone service to serve the direction and instruction of doctors and medical staff at the field hospital.

Viettel install the network system.

On this occasion, VNPT also installed services in quarantine areas in the city’s Cam Le district, Da Nang General Hospital, Da Nang Hospital C, and Da Nang Orthopedics and Rehabilitation Hospital.

In order to ensure the operations of telecommunications infrastructure for COVID-19 prevention and control work in Da Nang city, VNPT established 12 rapid response teams to be ready under any circumstances in the city on request.

Meanwhile, Viettel has built the technical infrastructure to ensure network and service quality at the field hospital. In particular, the military company has installed and launched new 4G small cell broadcast stations both inside and outside the hospital to meet the demands of both doctors and patients as well as the pandemic prevention and control work.

Viettel installed facilities for live link-up TV activities at the Tien Son Sporting Hall and in Hoa Vang district. Previously, it handed over similar systems to the city’s Department of Health, Da Nang General Hospital, and Da Nang Hospital C to support video conferences by local anti-COVID-19 relevant agencies and online diagnosis activities by doctors.

Meanwhile, Viettel decided to add network data in 23 concentrated quarantine areas in the city in order to meet the increasing demand of its customers during their quarantine period.

In addition, Viettel is offering free services, including 2GB high speed data/day on-net calls lasting less than 20 minutes and 50 minutes of off-net calls/month to health workers, police and military troops, and volunteers working in concentrated quarantine facilities.

Regarding Viettel subscribers who are under quarantine, they will receive a 14-day preferential package including 3GB high speed data/day and all on-calls under 20 minutes free of charge.

Furthermore, Viettel is also offering free data to access online learning platforms of colleges and universities in Da Nang to benefit both teachers and students during social distancing.

Translated by Minh Anh