At the event, doctors at the Hanoi Heart Hospital tested the system by connecting with their peers at hospitals in Thai Binh, Phu Tho, and Gia Lai and General Hospitals in Ba Vi and Soc Son districts via Viettel's Telehealth. They also performed the first online heart surgery in Vietnam for a patient at the Phu Tho Provincial General Hospital through the system.

Remote medical examination and treatment by Telehealth at the Hanoi Heart Hospital

Developed by Viettel, Telehealth meets the Health Ministry’s standards of a remote medical examination system. Using integrated modern image transmission technology and IoT (internet of things) combined with high speed broadband, the system is capable of processing real-time data, thus ensuring the accuracy of remote operation. Through the virtual platform, doctors from higher level hospitals can assist their peers from lower level medical establishments in conducting surgeries, helping save patients’ lives in a timely manner.  

According to the Director of the Hanoi Heart Hospital Nguyen Sinh Hien, this is the initial step in starting online health examination and treatment activities at the hospital. These health examination and treatment activities on the basis of the virtual platform are expected to be effectively strengthened in the future. 

Installed under the instruction of the Health Ministry, the system aims to provide accessible and quality healthcare services to all people, especially those in remote areas. Through the virtual platform, high level hospitals will remotely assist the lower ones in taking care of patients, thus helping prevent infectious diseases, reducing pressures on central hospitals, and raising healthcare quality.

Launched in the Hanoi Medical University Hospital and the National Hospital of Pediatrics, Telehealth has helped the hospitals connect medical staff of dozens of provincial and municipal medical establishments across the country with their patients. Through applications and websites, people can easily monitor their health conditions, make appointments with doctors, and update information relating to their treatment processes.

Meanwhile, doctors can set up treatment protocols for patients, easily monitor their health situation, and interact directly with them by texting or calling.

Translated by Tran Hoai