Therefore, many smart technologies have been deployed in network operation, helping the infrastructure to adapt flexibly in real time, meeting all demands in data consumption of customers.

7,500 new 4G broadcasting stations

Viettel made thorough preparation for the lunar New Year 2023 from September 2022 to December 2022.

AI technologies are being applied to network monitoring and operating activities.

Particularly, it focused all resources on 4G network to better meet demand of data consumption. More than 7,500 4G stations have been broadcast nationwide, including 363 public-telecommunications stations in remote and island areas. Viettel also upgraded nearly 15,000 broadcasting stations, so service capacity increased by 20%.

Meanwhile, many solutions using artificial intelligence (AI) technologies have been applied to network monitoring and operating activities. The IT system continuously analyzes customer demands and real-time network capacity, recognizes development trends in advance, and identifies situations early and issues warnings, contributing to improving voice experience as well as customers’ internet connection.

In crowded areas where festival and fireworks display are to be held, Viettel deployed a large number of mobile broadcasting stations to double capacity for the first time that of mobile broadcasting vehicles, which can be put in places where cars cannot reach.

All Viettel stores on duty during the holiday

Fixed broadband network gets additional resources, upgrading customers’ minimum connection to 120Mbps - 2.4 times faster than early 2022. TV360 service infrastructure was expanded more than 2.5 times, ensuring the experience of 11 million customers using this TV OTT service during the lunar New Year 2023.

In addition to technical solutions, 38,900 Viettel employees will be on duty nationwide. All telecommunications stores, Viettel Store supermarkets and Viettel Post offices will work through the traditional holiday.

Especially, from January 10 to 20, Viettel Store is going to increase the service time by 30 minutes per day to serve the demands of customers. Viettel will also offer free call, data

and SMS minutes to customers from January 14 to February 5 via MyViettel application.

Translated by Minh Anh