Ms. Hang is a Tay ethnic minority woman. Having graduated from the National Academy of Public Administration, she started working as a clerical staff at Viettel’s branch in Lang Son province. This job requires diligence and carefulness to ensure absolute accuracy of documents before handing over them to their superiors. 

Together with performing regular tasks, Ms. Hang was assigned to be in charge of internal communications which requires her to read a lot to collect information and update the branch’s production situation and charitable activities.

Nong Thi Hang - a clerical staff and President of Women’s Union of Military Industry-Telecoms Group (Viettel)’s branch in Lang Son province

Well aware of her responsibility, the young woman has proactively learnt how to write articles and make videos to increase the vividness and effectiveness of the dissemination. Wherever she goes, Hang collects new documents related to her job and conducts research for her articles. She usually posts good articles, videos, and photos of activities of the branch’s employees on Facebook page, “Cu dan VTT” (VTT residents), and two internal pages, namely “Nhip song VTT” (VTT Pace of life) and “Viettel Family.”

Notably, Ms. Hang captured the moments of Board of Directors and employees of Viettel Lang Son responding to floods to protect locals’ property and lives, overcoming natural disasters consequences, ensuring smooth communication for production and trade activities, and visiting and giving gifts to families in extremely difficult circumstances in Dinh Lap and Van Lang districts. Hang also participated in various writing contests launched by higher levels.

Viettel usually updates and posts good articles sent from its 63 branches across the country on its internal website, and Hang’s writings are always on the highlights. From July 2021 to September 2022, she had 120 writings of different kinds, including ten videos filmed and edited by herself.

In spite of carrying out different tasks, Nong Thi Nang has proactively managed her time logically. Talking about her job, Ms. Hang said that since she was trusted with dissemination mission by the branch’s Board of Directors, she has done her utmost to make a small contribution to the development of the branch in particular and Viettel in general.

Recently, on the occasion of the 22nd anniversary of the foundation day of Viettel Telecom and the 12th birthday of “VTT Pace of life” page, Viettel Lang Son branch was honored as the leading unit in internal communication work among 63 branches across the country. That result partly came from the significant contribution of Nong Thi Hang.

Recently, the young employee was awarded a certificate of merit by her superiors for her successful completion of the internal communication task in 2022. She also won the second prize of the “Women and Industry 4.0” contest, the third prize of the “Viettel women are great” contest launched by Viettel.

Translated by Tran Hoai