In detail, Viettel has drawn up training programs to improve the quality of human resources (HR) with a focus on digital and self-learning capabilities; opened refresher courses about digital culture, conducts and skills for its staff; built a team of leading experts in technical services, business and information technology; and concentrated on the development of the online learning systems and providing a consistent learning database on digital transformation, 4.0 technology, among others.

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In the time to come, Viettel will continue to build professional and effective recruitment mechanisms and policies to attract leading experts and managers in Vietnam and the world, especially in such fields as artificial intelligence (AI), big data, cloud computing, information technology, research and development.

Also, the group will issue and implement recruitment policies for high-quality and foreign HR to attract new technology talents, talented interns, and select excellent ones for key industries. By 2030, Viettel has set a target to own the top high-quality human resources in Vietnam and be in the leading group in Southeast Asia in terms of digital technology capabilities and high-tech research.

Translated by Quynh Oanh