This is the highest growth rate of Viettel Group over the past four years.

In particular, in the first six months of this year, Viettel Group completed all major business targets. Its revenue increased by 6.6 percent and its profit was up 21.7 percent.

Attentively, the group achieved these positive results in the context that the socio-economic situation continued to be affected by the pandemic, the global supply chain was broken due to international conflicts, and uncertainties in several foreign markets where Viettel is operating.

Viettel posts two-digit growth rate in H1. (Photo for illustration)

In domestic market, Viettel Group continues to take the leading position in telecommunications with 54% of the market share of mobile subscribers and over 40% of the market share of fiber internet subscribers.

In the first half of 2022, Viettel issued many policies to encourage 2G and 3G customers to use 4G technology, increasing the number of 4G subscribers to nearly 40 million, raising the rates of 4G subscribers to nearly 75 percent. The Group also operated 168 5G stations in 24 provinces and cities nationwide. Viettel aims to cover all 63 provinces and cities nationwide with 5G technology this year.

Notably, Viettel's service revenue in all nine foreign markets enjoyed growth against the same period last year. Six out of its nine foreign markets had double-digit growth rates. They included Movitel (Mozambique) 38.6%; Mytel (Myanmar) 79.6%; Natcom (Haiti) 28.6%; Lumitel (Burundi) 22.4%; Telemor (Timor Leste) 15.9% and Halotel (Tanzania) 14.2%.

In information technology solutions and digital services, Viettel Group sped up business in new services such as TV 360, Viettel Money, eSport, smart home and security camera.

In the period, Viettel started promoting technology products to international markets such as B2B services in Myanmar; cyber information security services in Germany; expansion of business system through cooperation with Nvidia Technology Corporation (the U.S.); trading in telecommunications network equipment and information machines in some Southeast Asian and South Asian markets; export of fiber optic cable, and more.

In research and production, Viettel had a force capable of mastering high-tech equipment in both real and digital environments studied and produced by Viettel itself. In the field of e-commerce and logistics, the group built a logistics infrastructure investment strategy, and maintained good growth in the retail and distribution sectors.

Addressing a recent conference, Senior Colonel Tao Duc Thang, Chairman and General Director of Viettel Group stressed that 2022 is the third year Viettel has announced its transformation into a technology company and a digital service provider. Viettel will continue its itinerary to take the lead in taking advantage of these technologies to bring happiness to people and prosperity to the country and become number one enterprise in cyber security, digital transformation products to build a digital government, digital economy, and digital society. Viettel will combine inside and outside resources to make breakthrough digital products to lead the market.

Translated by Song Anh