With its flexible strategy, Viettel Post has expanded into new key logistics areas, moving beyond traditional delivery services to supply chain and focus on the B2B (business-to-business) customer segmentation. This approach has yielded positive results. In particular, the consolidated revenue reached VND 19.7 trillion, with a consolidated pre-tax profit of VND 478.2 billion and a growth rate of up to 45%.

Viettel Post expands into key services in logistics sector. 

Last year, thanks to the expansion of its network infrastructure and application of new technologies in operations and management, the quality of Viettel Post’s services has continuously improved. As a result, its delivery time was shortened, while delivery success rate was nearly 95%. The achievement has turned Viettel Post into one of the top courier companies with the best service quality in Vietnam.

The business’s improvement in its infrastructure and service quality has been recognized and supported by customers. In 2023, Viettel Post achieved 2 million orders per day. It ensured the smooth flow of goods and on-time delivery, even during peak time such as holidays and Tet (Lunar New Year) festival.

Thanks to that, Viettel Post's market share in the courier industry has increased by over 3%, making it one of the leading courier companies in Vietnam. Its postal services segment has experienced the highest and most stable revenue growth in the past five years, with a growth rate of over 29%, nearly four times higher than the market average. The total asset value has increased by 12.2%, raising its charter capital from VND 1.13 trillion to VND 1.21 trillion.

The impressive business results have led to a three-fold increase in Viettel Post's stock price compared to the beginning of the year, from around VND 28,000 to a historic high of VND 97,900.

This year, Viettel Post will focus on strengthening its key services in the delivery and logistics sector. It targets to generate a revenue of VND 9.1 trillion.

With the determination to be a pioneer in the planning and development of a smart, green, and efficient national logistics infrastructure, Viettel Post is making efforts to implement a logistics infrastructure plan which includes the establishment of logistics parks and centers, bonded warehouses, and dry ports to connect agricultural and industrial areas with transportation hubs. This effort is to facilitate the fastest and most cost-effective flow of goods.

Translated by Tran Hoai