The commercial pilot runs will help the telecoms providers evaluate exactly their technology and market potentials before they can officially start commercialization of their 5G services. 

Under the current licenses that are valid until June 30, 2021, Viettel Telecom is allowed to deploy no more than 140 base transceiver stations (BTS) to run its 5G trials in Hanoi, while MobiFone can pilot its 50-BTS 5G network in HCM City.

Viettel's 5G station

MobiFone will use the 2600MHz spectrum broadband while Viettel will rely on the frequencies of 2500-2600MHZ, 3700-3800MHz and 27100-27500MHz to pilot its 5G services.

Both Viettel and MobiFone are allowed to test mobile ground telecommunication networks using radio frequency bands with International Mobile Telecommunications-2020 (IMT-2020 Standard) technology according to 5G specifications (3GPP) standard version 15 and subsequent versions.

Viettel and MobileFone subscribers connected to the networks will be given codes to try on 5G services.

The two telecoms should get approval from the MIC if they want to expand their pilot networks and their pilot runs should follow the regulations on the management of telecommunications standards and network safety. The businesses should also immediately stop pilot runs and return telecommunications resources when their license expires, or when being requested by the MIC.

Translated by Song Anh