The birth of the corporation marks Viettel’s strategic shift to stronger participation in the global value chain.

The birth of the corporation marked Viettel’s strategic shift to stronger participation in the global value chain.

In particular, VMC will operate in the field of electronic manufacturing, precision engineering, and manufacturing of integrated optoelectronic devices. VMC will also expand its operation in new technology such as composite, surface treatment, robotics, and wind power, among others.

VMC's goal is to become the core of the National High-tech Defense Industry Complex and participate in the global supply chain.

Currently, VMC has a system of factories on more than 26 hectares, 1,300 employees, and many modern production lines such as the Surface Assembly Technology (SMT) with a capacity of about 1,000,000 components/ hour, high-tech precision mechanical equipment system, and fiber optic cable system. In the near future, a precision mechanical workshop with an area of nearly 10 hectares will be completed in Hoa Lac High-tech Park to promote the process of research, production, and integration of Viettel’s high-tech precision mechanical products.

Speaking at the event, VMC’s Director General Nguyen The Nghia said that the corporation will carry out missions in Viettel’s new stage of becoming a pioneer in manufacturing “Make in Vietnam” products to export to major markets in the world.

VMC was established on the basis of merging Viettel’s two research and production units, including M1 and M3 Communication Limited Liability Companies which have a rich tradition in research and production to meet the requirements of national defense and civilian tasks.

Currently, VMC is a leading manufacturer of optical cables and telecommunications accessories in Vietnam. The unit is a second-level supplier of components and equipment for the aerospace industry of Meggitt globally and major airlines in the world such as Boeing, Airbus.  It also exports products to markets in Asia, Europe, and America.

Translated by Tran Hoai