Under the announced program, Viettel will start to double its fixed-line broadband connection speeds from June 1, 2019, to pay gratitude to its customers on the occasion of its thirtieth founding anniversary.

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According to the telecom giant, the demand for high-speed internet connection is on the rise as people tend to watch 4k-8k video clips, live-stream events, upload or download big-sized documents. This requires both large bandwidth capacity and high-speed internet connection speeds.

With its move to double fixed-line broadband internet connection speeds, Viettel is trying to become one of the Top 10 Asian telecom companies taking the lead in the quality of internet connection and catch up with other countries with modern telecommunications network infrastructure and technologies in the world.

In order to double internet connection speeds of its nationwide broadband network, Viettel has restlessly invested in the largest optic fiber cable infrastructure network with some 350,000 km of optic fiber cable inside the country, and 6 optic fiber cable networks connecting Vietnam to the world.

Translated by Thu Nguyen